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North Wessex Downs

Along The Downs I Often Go

The South Downs Way in winter

They crisscross the southern region of England, they are the true high ways, the old roads, indeed it hasbeen argued that the most famous of these high ways, The Ridgeway, is the oldest road in Europe, perhaps in the world, for remains dating back  into prehistorical times, have been found, however we'll cover The Ridgeway in more depth on the Up On The Ridgeway page, a little later on. Follow us now, won't you?...and let's see where we are at the moment, let's follow these ancient pathways and see where they take us....
Along The Downs

Along the Downs I often go,
Blue sky above, blue sea below,
Where Beachy Head is standing proud,
And channel mists present a shroud.
And sheep graze on the chalky grass,
They stop and watch the travellers pass,
They bow their heads to eat their fill,
They've been here long and always will.
At Wilmington there stands a man,
A chalky stave in either hand,
A memory of times gone by
When giants strode beneath the sky.
The Sussex Downs will always be
The finest in the land for me,
And clover heads with hovering bees
Nod their approval in the breeze.
©Ashley Hutchings

Findon, West Sussex, sheep fair in 1939

sunset over Torquay from The English Channel
this photograph is copyright (c) Phyllis Ryder

Special Thanks to Damon Hart-Davis  at DHD Multi Media
for the use of the above picture. Visit his site, it's well worth it

Beachy Head

West Sussex
this page from our
Rise Up Like The Sun website
came about as a result of
an amazing discovery out
there on the internet,
a daily updated website,
amazing stuff we know,
but it does happen once in awhile
, anyway...The lovely website is
the creation and love
of Valerie Martin, who is a resident
of the village of Findon,
which as you now know is in
West Sussex, in England.
We were going to just
provide a link, but the more we
looked at the site,
the more we felt it deserved
alot more, so the page was created.
we hope you enjoy as much as
we enjoyed creating it, and,
once more, thank you, Valerie! 
our website concerning
the ways and trails
of England
and spectacular they are too!
more really wonderful
This site provides information
on Seven Sisters Country Park,
which is situated on the Sussex Downs
 an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
in southeast England.
the best guide to Sussex.
an online version of their
a very in depth history project
website from
Bournemouth University


The Countryside Agency

Find out why host Bill Oddie is nuts
about British wildlife, then go out and
explore Wild Britain for yourself
using the website to help you.
from the BBC again 

The Long Man of Wilmington,
mysterious guardian of
the South Downs,
has baffled archaeologists
and historians for hundreds of years.
and here he is

Sussex Past

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