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The South Downs Way: a photographic journey

Devil's Dyke, in East Sussex, is the World's largest, deepest dry valley. It is owned by the National Trust and comprises 200 acres of Downland scarp, deeply incised by a dry valley. It also has an element of scrub and a lower woodland fringe.
Devils Dyke is at the heart of a larger National Trust Estate of 667 hectares (1648 acres) which has been acquired on an ad hoc basis between 1936 and the current time. It extends along the ridge of the South Downs for 7 kilometers.

Devils Dyke. East Sussex

ancient earthwork in Barton Stacey

the deepest dry valley
in the world.

The Devil's Punchbowl is a
large hollow of dry sandy heath
to the west of Hindhead in Surrey
It is owned by the National Trust.
from The BBC once more.

Way back in the Middle Ages
the Devil got so annoyed at
all the churches springing
up in the Sussex weald.....

National Trust

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