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We're looking for the Best Breakfast in Brum
(including Sutton, West Brom and Solihull).
Is there a transport cafe down your way
that serves the best brekky,
or is it a nice little bistro
in the high street?
Or does your mum have a few
top tips for her star fry up?
We need you to tell us
and we'll do the definitive guide
to the Best Brekky in Brum. 

and jolly good it is too!


 hopefully an answer to you
problems can be found at this
very good computer answers website

a  WW.1soldier's letters
from boot camp to his death
in the trenches.
November 1915 - June 1916

well researched and really great
website from Bev. Parker

the greatest of archeological
finds in England
  Sutton Hoo Again
this time it's the BBC up to it's
knees in soil and artifacts,
at this, the national
treasure of all archeological finds

Wadworths  Finest

 Pubs and Beer
master brewers since

in Nottingham.
founded in 1189


Old Toll Gates. from the Wolverhampton Journal

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